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Fear is the Mind Killer

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Fear is the Mind Killer is a podcast.

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A podcast about fear.

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A candid conversation seeking to understand what frightens us.

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And why.

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What are you afraid of?



Episode 1: Sarah Elizabeth and Scopophobia

Episode 2: Peter Bebergal and the Power of Signs and Symbols

Episode 3: Allen Greenfield and the uncanny

Episode 4: Sean Dempsey on war, trauma, and burning houses

Episode 5: Larry Clow on sleep walking and waking up in strange places

Episode 6: AP Strange on the unbearable awfulness of boredom and living with high-strangeness

Episode 7: Marco Visconti on mortality and the magnum opus

Episode 8: Liminal Earth on being haunted by religion, a loss of agency, and dying before your time

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